Today marks a day of celebration for me

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March 26, 2017
May 7, 2017
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Today marks a day of celebration for me

Photo by: Teisha Ginn

Today marks a day of celebration for me, from this day forward my artwork will forever change. I finished “Free of Fear, Burning Man”, the original is sold. The Pre-Order for prints will start.


I always end my drawings listening to powerful music to kick me into gear. At the end of this drawing, I was dancing and singing while I completed the touch up.


I will give you a small insight and background of this drawing. I was approached to draw for my clients niece as a gift. Her niece loved attending the Burning Man event every year. I received several small photos. I selected the one that looked as if she was free. I created the background at night because I wanted fire behind her. When I showed my client the progress of the drawing she loved it. She asked me if I named it, I said “Yes, Free of Fear, Burning Man.” She starting crying. It is moments like this that I thank myself for following the correct path for me and sharing my art to all.

Free of Fear, Burning Man

Original: Sold

“Free of Fear, Burning Man”


Original Size is 18”x24”


Prints (unframed)

Size: 11”x14”

Price: $26

(not including any shipping cost)

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