It is time to change

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March 26, 2017
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April 2, 2017
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It is time to change

Eyes are everywhere

The time has come for all of us to rise above this continuous problem. Sisterhood is powerful and I will not stand silent as this continues.

We are someone’s child! We are daughter’s, mother’s, sister’s, grandmother’s. It saddens me that we as women continue to face the same issues over and over.

One reason why I draw is so I have an outlet. I started drawing early on in my life to escape from pain, bullying then later on in life again pain. I am a survivor of sexual assault; once earlier in my life and then again later in my life.  I have turned my drawings into a positive outlet after many years.

Recently I have be reminded that nothing has changed. Recently I saw an amazing female singer, someone could only make sexual comments instead of appreciating her talent. Of course I said something. Others had brought up numerous incidents lately.

I completed this quick sketch as a reminder we are always watching. Sisterhood is a powerful thing. I stand proudly with my sisters to stop this behavior. This is the time to be a tattletaler. Go back to kindergarten and point out that stranger danger. If you turn your head or close your eyes then you are no better than the person doing these foolish acts. Stand Up and rise above it!

It is time to change, we are humans a life, would you bully, harass, assault your daughter, mother, sister or grandmother.

This is dedicated to sisterhood, daughter’s, mother’s, sister’s, grandmother’s; feel free to share my eye that is watching over those because there are eyes everywhere.

Eyes are everywhere



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